Are You Tired of Looking for an
    Amatuer Built Helicopter Magazine?

Would You like to see Your Helicopter
and Your stories of building your own Helicopter, published in a World-wide Magazine?

Well, this is your chance to make that happen. At Vertical World, we are putting
together a database of builders, from which we will compile and publish, your helicopter stories and pictures of your progress. We have searched the world over and have found out there is NO Helicopter magazines available for the Heli-Home builder from which to obtain information, or to share information. We think its' time to change that. Gyro builders have the PRA, and its' publication "Rotorcraft",
and there is "Homebuilt Rotorcraft", about Gyrocopters. But what about HELICOPTERS?
We plan to publish a Full Color Magazine, with YOUR articles and YOUR pictures of your Helicopter project. NO GYROS', NO AIRPLANES, NO BULL!

NOTHING BUT HELICOPTERS. Ultra-light, single seat, dual seat, single rotors,
twin rotors, single engine, twin engine, you name it, we will have it!
Articles on building, flying, and maintaining your home-built Heli.
Articles on where to obtain materials.
How-To articles.
Unusual Flying Stories and Piloting Techniques.
Only Advertising from Helicopter associated Companies.
All kinds of Info on All Kinds of Home-builts.
No Secrets, Every thing you need to know to build your Heli.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Truth about Helicopters.
Adams-Wilson, Rotorway, Baby Belle, Ultra-Sport, Angel CH-7, Mini 500, Safari,
Rotor-Mouse, Indian, Scorpion, Heli-Cycle, Heli-Craft, and all newly developing designs!

We intend to start with a bi-monthly publication and then transition into a monthly
publication. It all depends on You. With enough builders stories and pictures, this
will be an interesting and informative magazine, and will contribute to the overall
success of many builders who would otherwise have to search for info on how to, and where to, successsfully complete their projects. It will also be YOUR FORUM
in which to be heard. The info you contribute will be read by thousands of others,
and will used by others much like yourself, and will contribute to the Universal
Knowledge of the Helicopter Home Built Movement. There are literally thousands
of people who would like to start building their very own Heli, but many are often
unable to find all the info on materials and technical data to complete their project.
We Will Change That. There will be NO AREA that we will not cover. And It will
be YOUR MAGAZINE. With All Subject matter created by YOU.

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The Magazine is now being published. To Subscribe please click on the Experimental Helo logo below.
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