PROP-COPTER Ultralight Helicopter
So Revolutionary, So Unique in it's Drive System, It is Absolutely, the Helicopter of the Future.

 So Simple in Design
           Even YOU could build and Fly
  This Amazing Aircraft..

 So Light Weight you don't
           even have to own a pilot's  License to
       Operate it. But you SHOULD have
   Proper Training!

 In 1954 Dr. Igor Bensen started a line of Aircraft Types that have left the World a much better place. One of these types was a machine called The SkySkooter, a Torque-Free Design with propellors on the blades themselves. When driven in this manner all of the horsepower is used to turn the blades and thereby the power required is less than a conventional heli. Also because there is no drive to a torque-balancer (tail-rotor), there is a large weight saving, resulting in less complexity and even less horsepower required.He designated this system the with the acronym H.E.P.A.R.S., which stands for High Efficiency Prop and Rotor System . This system is not new however. A couple of designers by the name of CURTISS and BLEEKER designed a helicopter with props on blade tips that held the World Record for amount of weight lifted per horsepower for many years. Jane's All the Worlds Aircraft contains all the specs for this ship. Check it out. On the next few pages you will see my design, in which I have created the same Torque-Free Drive System, and you will see that this system works quite well. You are invited to ask questions and explore the possibilities inherent in this Unique Planform. This very well could be the World's Aircraft of the Future. If you are ready, We invite you to click the link below, but be warned, You may like it so much you will have to have One.

This is the Curtiss-Bleeker Prop Copter

Below is EmDee's PropCopter


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This Helicopter below was built by an enterprising
Designer in Canada and is also in the Ultralight Category. Check
it out. The photo is a live link.

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Mosquito UltraLight Helicopter

Zanzottera Powered, Single-seater
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